VRMS PRIDE - Intervention Plan


Monday – PE and explore

Tuesday – Social Studies

Wednesday – Math

Thursday – Language Arts

Friday – Science

Intervention Students:

  1. Based on any formal or informal assessments each teacher on their assigned day will compile a list of students they want to see during PRIDE
  2. That teacher will issue a pass for those students to return to them for PRIDE that day
  3. Students attending intervention will report to their assigned PRIDE class, check in with their teacher, show them their pass, sign out on the Intervention log and go to intervention
  4. Students will stay with their intervention teacher the entire period
  5. When arriving at Intervention that teacher will take roll using the list they complied and collect all passes
  6. Students who do not attend an assigned intervention will be assigned a detention by that teacher
  7. If it is not your intervention day yet you really need to work with a student (s) you may do so as long as they are not attending another intervention